About Me

Henry H. Lindner, MD

I'm a 58 yr. old physician and philosopher.  I live in rural northeast Pennsylvania where my father's German grandfather settled over 100 years ago.  I graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1984 and began training as a psychiatrist. I was soon appalled at the false theories and ignorance that dominated the specialty and resigned to be a general practitioner. However, I did not like general practice medicine. Fortunately, in 2004 I learned about the importance of human hormone. I found a way to use my medical training and licensure to directly improve people's lives, to make a living, and to enjoy creating a fundamentally new field of medicine. Eventually I realized that the reason I never like general practice medicine was that, like psychiatry, it too was just a diagnosis and drug scheme; corrupted by the pharmaceutical corporations' interests and control of medical information at all levels.

How did I escape the Matrix? I was raised in a traditional Protestant Christian American home and didn’t seriously question what I learned in church or school until I left home for college. I had doubts before that time, but I suppressed them. At the age of 21, while in medical school, I realized that I didn’t understand the world at all. Having always been a top student, I did not believe that I was incapable of thought. I retained the confidence that I could figure anything out if I just looked objectively at the facts. So I decided to try to figure out the world. I thought that it must be possible to produce a theory of the nature and causes of all Cosmic phenomena, including astrophysics, psychology and human society. I was helped by finding Ayn Rand’s book, Philosophy: Who Needs It?. She revealed to me the power of philosophical cognition to identify underlying assumptions and understand their implications. I was also helped by getting outside my culture. I lived overseas most of the time from 1985 to 2001. I worked as a general practitioner for the US Air Force in Izmir, Turkey and then as in-country physician for US corporations in Saudi Arabia. Izmir, Turkey is in the heart of Ionia: the birthplace of philosophy. There I fell in love with Greek architecture and with history, and with the Turkish people and their wonderful ability to relax and enjoy life. Upon returning to the US after Turkey, I spent 2 years reading Will Durant’s 11-volume “Story of Civilization”. I read many hundreds of books in my attempt to figure out the world and everything in it. As I came to understand the ideas that shape our society, I found it increasingly difficult to find any more books worth reading and I started to write. In 1990, in Saudi Arabia, I sat down with my new IBM 2086 computer and Lotus Symphony word processor and created an outline of Cosmic organization—from physical, to chemical, to biological, to neurological, to psychological, and intellectual. I realized that every higher level of Cosmic complexity was just a new arrangement of lower level entities. The biological evolution described by Darwin was just one part of a much larger process of Cosmic evolution—from space, light and subatomic particles to the human brain, language, and technology. It had taken me twenty years to deprogram myself from the brainwashing I had received from Church, School, and State. I am still deprogramming and reprogramming myself.

About my Family

My wife is the daughter of Armenian parents in Beirut, Lebanon. She graduated from the American University of Beirut. We met in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We have two wonderful daughters whom we have tried to raise in the best possible way—to best promote their mental and emotional development. They have grown up with love and respect and without coercion. They were breast-fed from birth, allowed to sleep with us at all times as long as they wanted, and were sheltered from psychological trauma. They were allowed to think for themselves and express themselves without inhibition. They have never been schooled but were free at all times to enjoy and to learn about the world on their own—easy to do now with the internet. They are natural philosophers, as are all children before they are shamed and controlled by authoritarian parenting and schooling. 

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