The Ninth Crusade

The Origins of the Judaic/Zionist War in the Middle East and of America s War on Terrorism

Henry H.  Lindner, MD

The Ninth Crusade of Western Christendom to invade, occupy, and control Palestine led to the creation of a Jewish race-religion state in Palestine. It was founded by the expulsion of 750,000 non-Jews in 1947-48. Israel has continued to talk about a two-state solution while feverishly building settlements in order to make such a solution impossible. It has continued to deny to non-Jewish Palestinians their right to return to their homes, their right to live in peace, their right to just compensation, and their right to have the most basic freedoms. The establishment of Israel has placed all Jews in a permanent state of open warfare with the rest of mankind. To attempt to win this war, Jews and Christians carried out 9/11 to manipulate the United States into direct military involvement to destroy all those who oppose the state of Israel. This has resulted in the final destruction of the United States moral standing abroad and individual rights at home.

The study of history is the study of how we got here.  Nothing in the modern world can be understood without a full knowledge of the evolution of causes and effects that produced it. If you want to understand what is happening, you must study history. Let us consider the situation of the people of the Middle East: Muslim, Christian, and Jew. The number of crusades launched by the Christian West to conquer the Holy Land, starting in 1095 AD, is numbered from 8 up to 13 or more. I prefer to count only the 8 significant crusades. I therefore choose to call this current crusade the Ninth Crusade. Like all the others, it was motivated by religion and by greed.

The Islamic world was, from the 10th to the 17th centuries, far ahead of the Western Christian world in every important way. The last great Islamic empire was the Turkish Ottoman Empire. It included all the Arab countries and extended into Greece and the Balkans. Western countries took advantage of the weakening of the Turkish Empire to invade and control various parts. Arabs, who had been under Turkish domination for centuries, now came under Western domination. By the end of the 19th century, the Western control of the Middle East was well underway. This aggression was, of course, a crime against the people of the region, but back then it did not need to be rationalized as a War against Terrorism . Napoleon invaded Egypt in 1798, Britain took over Egypt from France in 1882. France conquered Algeria in 1830, Britain took Aden in 1839. Tunisia was occupied in 1881, the Sudan in 1889, and Libya and Morocco in 1912. In 1915, the Anglo-French Sykes-Picot Agreement divided the remaining territories of the moribund Ottoman Empire between France and England, in anticipation of victory in the First World War. The Arab regions were promised independence and self-government with the Turkish empire s collapse after WWI.

In the McMahon correspondence, the British promised independence to the Arab-speaking people of the eastern Mediterranean, including the Palestinians, if they would rebel against the Turkish Empire that was then allied with Germany (Remember Lawrence of Arabia). President Woodrow Wilson also declared that WWI was fought to make the world safe for democracy . The 12th of his Fourteen Principles for the post-war world was:  The Turkish portions of the present Ottoman Empire should be assured a secure sovereignty, but the other nationalities which are now under Turkish rule (e.g. Arabs) should be assured an undoubted security of life and an absolutely unmolested opportunity of autonomous development,   Wilson also stated, on July 4, 1918, that one of the four great ends for which the associated peoples of the world were fighting was The settlement of every question, whether of territory...or of political relationship, upon the basis of the free acceptance of that settlement by the people immediately concerned, and not on upon the basis of the material interest or advantage of any other nation or people which may desire a different settlement for their own exterior influence or mastery.

Had the Western world adhered to McMahon s promise and to Wilson s admirable program, the Ninth Crusade against the Arab/Muslim would have ended, and nothing in the Middle East would be like it is today. The Arabic-speaking peoples of the region would have decided what states to create and who would rule them. They would have entered the world community as free nations, and would have been able to follow their own process of democratization, modernization, and secularization as all unassailed nations do. However, Wilson failed to force his program on the war-mongering colonialists of Britain and France. They insisted upon humiliating and ruinous terms for the German people who had fought them to a draw before the US intervened in WW1, thus setting the stage for the rise of Hitler and a greater war. They also insisted on occupying the Arab Middle East. Think about it.  Instead of the democracy and self-rule that they were promised, the region got military occupation by the Western powers. France took control of what became Lebanon and Syria, and Britain occupied what became Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine. (Shamed by this British betrayal of all he had worked for, Lawrence returned his medals to the British government). 

Why weren t the people of the region simply granted the independence they were promised? Why did the Western powers have to carve up the Arab world and place it under their domination? Certainly they sought their own advantages and wanted to control the Middle East just as they had tried to do in previous Crusades just a few hundred years before. Certainly they wanted more control over oil in some of those countries. The most important reason however, as in the earlier Crusades, was religious the desire to control the Holy Land. In this case, they had a definite plan they wanted to establish a permanent Jewish state in Palestine. Zionism, the belief that Jews (those who believed in or identified with the religion--Judaism) could not and should not live happily in the various countries where they were born, but should return to Palestine as per their religion and re-create a Jewish state, had arisen among some East European Jews in the late nineteenth century. It was a tribalistic, racist doctrine akin to Hitler s belief the Germany should be an Aryan nation free of Jews, gypsies, and slavs. Most Jews in the world at the time, including those in Palestine and America, wanted nothing to do with this modern Zionism because they could anticipate the immense antipathy it would create between Jew and gentile and that it would feed both Jewish extremism and opposition to Jews and Judaism as it has done.

Britain, anxious to gain whatever advantage it could in the war against Germany, and under pressure from Zionist Jews with money and influence (e.g. the Rothschilds), committed itself, in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, to the establishment, in Palestine, of a national home for the Jewish people it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which should prejudice the civil and religious rights of Christians and all other non-Jewish communities in Palestine. America joined this Crusade after the end of Wilson s administration with the resolution adopted by the United States Congress on June 30, 1922 repeating the exact wording of the Balfour declaration. There was a very simple problem with the British-American plan. The Jews were a small minority among the 700,000 Christians and Muslims in Palestine and owned only 3% of the land. There was no way that a Jewish state could be established there if Britain and America s other promises and principles were to be upheld. So the promises and the principles went out the window in the Crusaders zeal to control the Holy Land and the entire Middle East.

The British and French divided and ruled the Arab-speaking world. Greater Syria, including Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and part of Iraq, was arbitrarily divided into little countries each controlled under a British or French mandate. They imported and installed rulers from the Hashemite kingdom of Mecca, thinking that since they were supposed descendants of Mohammed, they would have some authority even though chosen by the Western overlords. The French and British ruthlessly suppressed any defiance. The occupation and bombing of Iraq by the British was particularly brutal and the British relied on aerial bombardment to destroy entire villages, without regard then, as today for the deaths of sand monkey civilians.

From that time until now, these states have been creatures of the West and have had the rulers that the West wanted or allowed, and in some cases, like Iran, rulers that arose due to rebellion against the rulers imposed by the West. Britain s Mandate over Palestine provided the necessary cover for the mass importation of Jews and their acquisition of land and arms all against the wishes of the population of Palestine and the surrounding countries. Knowing full well that the Zionist Jews meant to dispossess and control them, the Palestinian people revolted at times, but were suppressed by British soldiers and Zionist irregulars. President Wilson s King-Crane commission, in 1919, reported that, in its meetings with Jewish representatives, the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine.The commission stated that theclaim, often submitted by Zionist representatives, that they have a right to Palestine based on an occupation of two thousand years ago, can hardly be considered.

In the 1930s, the British allowed a mass immigration of Jews and there were many terrorist attacks against non-Jews by armed Jewish gangs. In 1934, the British proposed that Palestine be ruled by a legislative council of 28 members on which the Arabs (both Christian and Muslim) would have fourteen seats and the Jews eight. The Arabs were willing to consider it, but the Jews and the British House of Commons rejected it, and this sparked off the Arab rebellion of 1936. The British, having some conscience, decided in 1939 that they had done enough to establish the Jewish national home and started to curb Jewish immigration. Enraged, Zionist terrorists proceeded to attack and kill British soldiers and officials (e.g. bombing the King David Hotel) so that the British began to withdraw and turned the problem over to the United Nations. At the opening of the London Conference on January 27, 1947, a statement was read by Jamal El-Husseini, vice-chairman of the Arab Higher Committee.  It deserves to be quoted at length as a snapshot of this momentous time and as evidence that the Arab people knew then, as they know now, what was being done to them, and why:

"During the last 25 years, however, Palestine had been denied the right to self-government, in violation of those rights and pledges as well as the covenant of the League of Nations. An autocratic administration was set up with the primary aim of assisting the Jews in their invasion of Palestine. The Balfour Declaration on which this policy was based was a vague and one-sided encouragement made by Great Britain to alien Jews in the absence and complete ignorance of the Arab owners of the country.

Since 1918 the Jewish elements in Palestine had increased by enforced migration from 7 per cent to 33 per cent of the entire population...

During this period Jewish political claims had inflated from a modest spiritual home to the establishment of a Jewish state which they sought to enforce by the present campaign of terrorism. This had driven the Arabs to the point of exasperation, for they beheld that all the apprehensions they had expressed 25 years ago were being rapidly fulfilled.

Certain quarters had proposed that justice might be done if the country were partitioned between Arabs and Jews.  The Arabs believed that such a proposal was an easy pretext for evading the difficulties of a problem that had been created by a gross injustice.  The creation of an alien Jewish state in Palestine would mean a running sore that would undoubtedly become a permanent source of trouble in the Middle East, and would mean the destruction of Arab continuity and territorial sovereignty."

(As quoted in The Palestine Diary by Robert John and Sami Hadawi (New World Press, NY, 1970)

Here in 2013, this running sore is getting ever more inflamed for the simple reason that radical Zionist Jews and Christians insist on expanding the Jewish state into the West Bank and eventually expanding the religious/race-based state of Israel to include all of mandatory Palestine and to expel all non-Jews, just as prescribed by the Jewish Scriptures.  Jews are simply following their religion, and Western Christians, with half of their Bible being the Jewish scriptures, are forced to support them.

Under pressure from the US, the UN, in 1948, decided to partition Palestine and create the new Jewish state of Israel. Jews, who by then owned only 7% of Palestine, were given 55% of the land, a straightforward act of theft. But the Zionists wanted more land and less Palestinians. They planned and executed a vast ethnic cleansing operation that led to the 1947-49 war. The war was started by the Zionists. The surrounding Arab states attacked only after the Zionists had forced over 300,000 people from their homes. Not only the Arab states, but the entire world should have intervened against the Zionists for committing such a crime against humanity. Having lived under Turkish and then Western occupation, the Arab countries had no significant military forces. The Zionists, on the other hand, had been preparing for war for decades and were well funded, equipped and trained. Outnumbering all Arab soldiers by three to one, they proceeded to terrorize the Palestinian population, forcing 750,000 people from their homes and enlarging their state far beyond the UN Mandate. They shelled towns and villages and committed many massacres of civilians including woman and children. Mass killings like the one at Deir Yassin frightened many Palestinians into running away when they knew that the Jews were coming for them.

The Zionists were able to steal 78% of Palestine. 200,000 refugees from Jaffa and towns and villages south of Jaffa fled to Gaza where their children are now imprisoned as terrorists who want to destroy Israel . The 1948 U.N. Resolution 194 concerning Israel and the Palestinians, Article 11 Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible. This Resolution was accepted by Israel as a condition of statehood, but was then ignored. The excuse that refugees left voluntarily is belied by the fact that all refugees who tried to return to their homes were shot. Over 400 Palestinian villages were bulldozed to prevent refugees from returning, and to clear land to build houses for Jews. Israel now exists in violation of the very UN resolution that created it. Israel is both an illegal and an immoral state. The establishment of Israel was a crime against all non-Jews in Palestine and the persistence of this racist state is an offense to morality and international law. It has, and continues to distort and destabilize all international relations.

So Britain and the United States carried out their promise to the Jews, but completely failed to honor their pledge to protect the rights of "Christians and all other non-Jewish communities in Palestine. The Arabs tried to get the International Court of Justice to rule on the right of the UN to partition a country against the will of its people but were voted down so much for Western promises and Arab rights, then as today. Today, over 80 years later, the West is still waging war against the non-Jewish people of Palestine and of the entire region. In some cases, oil has been a prime motivation also, as when the secular/nationalist government of Prime Minister Mossadeq in Iran nationalized the oil industry (stopped the British from stealing Iran's oil). At the request of the British, the CIA instituted a coup and reinstalled the Shah. His illegitimate rule was marked by exploitation and abuse, eventually resulting in an Islamic revolution.

To weaken Islamic Iran (because it was not under US control), the US called upon their man in Baghdad, Saddam Hussein. He had also been put into power with the help of the CIA. In 1979, the US gave him the green light to attack Iran, who was holding Americans hostage. The American client regimes in the region, especially the monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, were afraid of Iran, they feared that its revolution would spread to their own countries. So with their support and US support, Saddam waged a pointless, horrible war against Iran. One million people were killed or wounded.  America fed arms and money to Saddam throughout the war. America supported Saddam even after he gassed his own Kurdish citizens.  He was a ruthless dictator and warmonger, but he was our man.

The West s complete neglect of the independence and freedom of the Arabs peoples has produced deep resentment, as it must have done. To contain this resentment, the Western world created and supported dictators in most of the countries of the region. These client governments have the task of allowing American and Western exploitation of their resources while keeping their masses quiet suppressing their justified anger at the American/Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the mass murder and destruction in Iraq. The Arabs and other Muslims of the region have known no democracy because, from the end of WWI, we haven t let them have democracy because democracy for them went against our interests. Constant war in the region has prevented normal economic and political development. 

The state of Israel, criminal as it was, may have been able to live in peace with the surrounding countries. However, the Israelis were not content with only part of ancient Greater Israel. They wanted it all as per their religion. So in 1967, through a series of calculated provocations, they pushed the Egyptian leader Nassar into a show of resolve. They used his expulsion of the UN from the Sinai as a pretext to take over more territory. Israel was not attacked and was not going to be attacked in 1967. (This is well-documented in The Iron Wall by Avi Shlaim.) Israel attacked and grabbed the Golan Heights from Syria, the West Bank from Jordan, and the Sinai from Egypt. Another 750,000 Palestinians (gentiles) were expelled from the lands that Israel coveted. UN Security Council Resolution 242 decried the taking of land by force, and demanded that Israel return to the pre-1967 boundaries. This resolution was ignored, and the Israeli occupation remained illegal. Sadat offered a separate peace with Israel under generous terms in 1971 if only Israel would leave the Sinai. Israel refused and built more settlements there. Sadat knew the Israelis understood only one language, so in 1973 he attacked the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in the Sinai with the limited purpose of forcing Israel to withdraw. It worked.

Beginning in 1973, the Palestinians and the Arab governments, knowing they could not defeat Israel militarily, offered peace in exchange for Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders. When the PLO accepted a two-state solution in the mid 1970s, and UN resolutions demanded its implementation, Israel responded to this peace offensive by invading Lebanon in 1982 with the purpose of destroying the PLO. Israel killed 20,000 Palestinians and Lebanese people, mostly civilians just to avoid having to relinquish the West Bank and Golan Heights. Only by maintaining a state of constant warfare can Israel continue to justify its crimes. By 1988, the Palestinians realized that there was going to be no international salvation for them. They started the largely non-violent Intifada I. Israel responded with brutal repression but the first Intifida stimulated the talks that led to the Oslo accords. In Oslo, Israel tried to legitimize its apartheid model for dealing with the unwanted Palestinians. It offered the corrupt Arafat and his cronies all the perks of statehood if they would agree to run an orderly bantustan state-within-a-state. Israel promised the Palestinians that they would eventually have a state based on 242, but instead used the cover of the Oslo accords to double the settlement population in the West Bank, from 200,000 to 400,000.

The Palestinians, initially hopeful for peace and a state in the 67 borders, eventually realized that Oslo was just another Israeli ruse intended to forever deny them their basic human rights and forever imprison them in Israeli-controlled ghettos. In 2000, Barak s "generous offer" didn t meet the minimum requirements for a viable Palestinian state. To make matters worse, the Israelis elected the psychopath and war criminal, Ariel Sharon, who had purposefully triggered the second Intifada, to suppress Intifida II with greater violence. The Saudi offer of normalization of relations between all Arab states and Israel of 2002, which added new concessions to UN Resolution 242, was ignored by the US and Israel. Indeed Israel responded with more targeted assassinations in order to inflame the situation and stop another Arab peace offensive . When Palestinian terrorist groups, in consultation with European diplomats, decided suspend their attacks within Israel, Ariel Sharon responded by dropping a one-ton bomb in a densely populated neighborhood of Gaza, killing 16 adults and 9 children.  

Every Arab country and every Palestinian group, including Hamas, has said that it will accept the existence of Israel, even as a racist Jewish state, if it will completely withdraw from the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the Golan and come to terms with the refugee problem it created. This is, after all, what UN Security Council Resolution 242 requires. However, that is precisely the outcome that Israel has been fighting to avoid for the last 35 years. Whenever the pressure to withdraw becomes too great, the Israelis strike out at the Palestinians or surrounding countries, thus assuring that a state of war continues to exist. The Arab League has repeated its call for a withdrawal to the 1967 borders in exchange for peace and full diplomatic relations.  But like all peace proposals to Israel, it has been swept aside.  Israel wants land, not peace.  In fact, Israel has never withdrawn from any land it conquered until forced to do so by violent opposition.  It has also become abundantly clear that Israel does not want to surrender any significant amount of land it holds for the creation of a viable Palestinian state. It says that it does, as it must, but its actions on the ground show that it does not.

Contrary to popular mythology, it has been Israel, not the Arabs, that has evaded all attempts at a peaceful and just settlement, preferring always to expand its boundaries by creating facts on the ground and grinding down the Palestinians and other Arabs until they will agree to its terms. Israel continues, on a daily basis, to talk about peace negotiations while building settlements between Palestinian communities in the West Bank and using all violent means that are politically feasible to drive the Palestinians out. The international community, bullied by the U.S., sits by silently as one of the century's most horrific episodes of ethnic cleansing continues with an unparalleled military occupation that imprisons millions of Palestinians in a violent racist nightmare. The hysterical pro-Israeli propaganda that assaults Americans from their televisions and newspapers is a necessary part of the cover-up of this ongoing crime against humanity. Fanatical Islam, slow to develop at first, is an understandable reaction to fanatical Zionism and its pitiless, unending victimization of the Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries.

Abandoned and abused by the so-called secular Western world, downtrodden people turn to religion. The Arab people, Christian and Muslim, became progressively more humiliated and angry as, with every passing year, the United States continued to support Israeli ethnic cleansing, expansionism, and occupation. The U.S. has used its diplomatic strength in the UN to veto every attempt by the rest of the world to reign in the Israeli state. The U.S. gave, and still gives Arabs the message that they are sub-human creatures who must submit to Israeli/American power, surrendering their rights.

Against its own best interests, America has chosen war and has made Israel what it is a shameless, belligerent, racist state of the kind not generally accepted in this day and age. Just imagine the reaction if certain groups in America got their way, declared our country to be a Christian state, and killed or expelled most non-Christians? Of course, you ve been told over and over that Israel is a democracy and therefore worthy of our support. Think about this and do some research. Is killing or expelling the undesirable majority of non-Jews to create a majority of Jews any way to found a democracy? Do you know the odds of a non-Jew immigrating to Israel? Zero. Yet any Jew from anywhere in the world can become a citizen in Israel. In fact, the state of Israel has a law specifying that the non-Jewish population of Israel must never be more than a certain percentage! Arab citizens of Israel can vote, but they do not have full citizenship rights.

Take a look at the gross double standard that exists for Jews vs. non-Jews within the state of Israel. Non-Jews are not allowed to buy any property from Jews as this would return "redeemed" land back to the goyim. Seventy thousand non-Jews live in 100 villages within Israel but not recognized by the Israeli state. They pay taxes but get no services, and all building is illegal. Non-Jewish citizens of Israel are not allowed to live in many areas of Israel. Non-Jews are segregated for schooling, in schools with far inferior funding. Non-Jews have to adhere to a great number of Jewish religious laws.  Non-Jews must all carry cards specifying their religion and ethnic origin.  Everywhere you look in Israeli law and society you find this double standard.  This is the democracy we re supposed to love and support?  Israel is an apartheid state based upon religious racism.  Lastly, Israel's military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza effectively makes these areas part of the Israeli state. The difference in the treatment afforded to Jews (settlers) and non-Jews in these areas hardly needs to be mentioned. Settlers are allowed to steal land, harass and even kill gentiles.

If we instead consider the West Bank as occupied territory instead of a part of the Jewish state, then we have the fact that the Israelis are violating nearly every rule in the Geneva Convention concerning the treatment of civilians in occupied territories! To believe that this racist and criminal state is OK because it is a democracy is not only wrong, but dangerous.  Shouldn t we demand that Israel outlaw racism and discrimination? Shouldn t we shudder with memories of Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa when we hear Israelis invoking the need to maintain the Jewish character of the state of Israel? It is clearly dishonest, prejudicial, and futile to expect the Palestinians to stop attacking Israelis and negotiate a peace with Israel when Israel occupies all Palestinian land, exercises complete control over them, and offers them no hope that it will allow them to have a viable state. Morally, this is tantamount to demanding that concentration camp inmates stop attacking their guards, give up their makeshift weapons, and negotiate a peace that requires them to ignore the past, surrender their rights, and agree to stay forever in the camp. Israel has no right to defend itself as long as it continues to violate the rights of all non-Jews in Palestine. It has the obligation to extend to all non-Jews in Palestine the very same rights as Jews, and to offer all  refugees the right to return to their homes and/or receive appropriate compensation.

The only moral, permanent solution is for the all the human beings currently living in Palestine is to form a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-lingual state with a new constitution.  This was, in fact, been the stated goal of the secular PLO all along, and even some Zionist Israelis are now calling for this. Isn't such a state the generally avowed aim of the U.S. and U.N. in all other regions of the world?  The two-state solution has long been dead, killed by Israeli actions on the ground. The one-state solution would not require the evacuation and movement of all settlers from the West Bank. It would allow Jews to live in a state encompassing most of what they consider their historic home. It would solve the many internal tensions in Israel between the orthodox and secular Jews, between the Ashkenazi, the Sephardim, and the Russians. It would finally eliminate the state of war between Jews and all gentiles.

Itís so simple. Instead of creating a second state, simply remove the Green Line that separates the West Bank from the rest of Israel/Palestine. Give Jews, Christians and Muslims all human beings equal rights before the law in a non-racist secular state. Offer citizenship to all Palestinian refugees. Return all property to its rightful owners or compensate them appropriately there would certainly be sufficient funds available to do this. Write a new constitution to create a liberal democratic state with no government intervention in religion or education.

Hold Truth and Reconciliation hearings as was done in South Africa. Let the healing commence. Non-Jews would certainly constitute the majority in this state, but that itself is not a problem for Jews IF the constitution fully protects individual rights. What to call this new state?  Let them negotiate it. An Israeli has suggested Holyland. It could be called Israel, but I think it should keep its traditional non-racial, non-religious name of Palestine. Jews would stop being, and stop seeing themselves as a special tribe/nation/race, under constant attack (from those it has wronged).

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has produced and continues to produce far-reaching repercussions. It has involved the entire world in a never-ending nightmare. By our violent actions against the Arab/Muslim world we in the West have created a huge reservoir of anger against Israel and its $5+ billion/year Sugar Daddy, America. Zionism and American racism in the Middle East have created an understandable counter reaction radical and militant Islam.  By waging unjust war against them, we have made them turn away from Western values and have driven them back into the arms of their religion. We have given them good reason to believe that the West and all its values are corrupt and must be destroyed!  The Arab/Muslim people have never been militarily capable of winning any war against America or Israel, and its own governments are mostly paid US clients. They have had no choice but to resort to guerilla warfare and terrorism. 

Look at the corruption of language that comes with war. We the dominant powers with our great armies, air forces, and navies, can brand anyone who attacks us as terrorists.  When our military kills civilians by the thousands, terrorizes millions, and destroys the infrastructure of non-Western, non-Jewish people on a grand scale, thatís not terrorism, but just collateral damage. American and Israel, contrary to all propaganda, have never spared civilians. Look at the numbers they are among the greatest murderers of civilians in this world in the last 53 years.

Saddam Hussein was lured, by his master the US, into invading Kuwait in 1991 so that US would destroy Iraq s military hardware which was a threat to Israel, not to the US. The escalation of the Ninth Crusade, the so-called War on Terrorism , was planned in Tel Aviv and Washington. (See A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm). It called for using naked military force to terrorize the gentiles of the region and eliminate all military resistance to Israeli hegemony in the region. American Jews, non-Jewish Zionists, and US imperialists joined this strategy, forming a group called Project for a New American Century. In their planning document Rebuilding America s Defenses , they laid out their plans for US domination of the world; calling for a new Pearl Harbor (p. 51) to help them implement their plan. Indeed, they created such an event. Elements in the Israeli and US Governments (The Mossad, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Silverstein and others) planned and executed the 9/11 attacks, thereby recruiting the US into Israel s war against all the people of the Middle East. ( Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem ).

WTC buildings 1, 2, and 7 were all brought down by controlled demolition, and neither does any other part of the official government story fit the facts. 9/11 was used to implement the already-prepared Homeland Security provisions outlined by PNAC. American was turned into a police state. Torture, eavesdropping, and extra-judicial assassination became official US policies for the first time. The basic human rights of non-Americans and even of American citizens were trampled. Cheney/Wolfowitz/Rumsfeld and prominent Jews Christopher Hitchens and Richard Perle used 9/11 to convince the ignorant US President George W. Bush to invade Iraq based upon Israeli-fabricated intelligence --lies and propaganda. This war of aggression was intended to eliminate one impediment to Israeli military domination of the region and firmly ensconcing the US in the Middle East as Israel s henchman.

The American military, long indoctrinated with pro-Israeli propaganda, was trained by Israeli officers to adopt Israeli terror tactics in its occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. The occupiers purposefully created a Sunni-Shia civil war in Iraq, as per the long-range Israeli Yinon plan to create internal chaos and to fragment the countries of the region. 9/11 was also used to create the eternal, undefeatable enemy Islamic terrorism. The resemblance of Bin Laden to Goldstein in Huxley's 1984 is uncanny. Purported videos and statements from Osama Bin Laden (i.e. Goldstein) (who denied any involvement in 9/11) were produced by Israeli intelligence services whenever needed to affect US and world opinion.

Post 9/11, Israel can now claim that all its crimes against the Palestinian people are part of a larger war against "Islamic Terrorism", giving Israel free reign to commit more crimes against the gentiles in the region, as witnessed in the horrific bombing of Lebanon in 2006 and its criminal blockade and mass-murder in Gaza refugee camp. Iran is the next planned victim and any and all means are being used to justify an Israeli or US attack on Iran s nuclear facilities, leadership, and civilian infrastructure. This attack, if it is to occur, will most likely be preceded by another false-flag operation like 9/11. America has been fully "Israelized". It is no longer America. Most of the essential provisions of the American Bill of Rights have been trampled, and more will go. Its constitution and tradition have been nullified. The damage done to the USí s form of governance, international reputation and economy are all irreversible.

The Ninth Crusade has been a disaster for the Palestinians, Jews and for all the people of the Middle East. It has also been a disaster for the citizens of the U.S. who have lost their freedoms and seen their government lie, torture, invade, destroy, and murder--for Israel and a dying US Empire. 

Let me know what you think