Our High-Tech Dark Age

Henry H. Lindner

Like humans throughout history, we have been raised to think that we live in an enlightened society in which our beliefs, leaders, institutions, and experts are all essentially correct. So why are our societies and our cultures deteriorating today? Why is there so much poverty, violence, war, stupidity, drug addiction, and corruption? The reason is that the problems we face today are no longer simple things that require only common sense to solve--like obtaining food and shelter or evading predators. Nor do we just need to kill the bad guys as endlessly portrayed in Hollywood films.

The causes of the problems we face today are much more difficult to identify and correct because they are within us: the false and therefore destructive ideas that fill our minds. We are animals who acquired language. Therefore we are controlled by ideas expressed in language—by linguistic memes. We must assure that our ideas—our word formulas—correspond to reality or we will suffer and make others suffer too. Unfortunately, the ideas that were instilled in us as we grew up and that dominate our societies today are the equivalent of mental viruses—old, obsolete, lousy software. So instead of seeing reality and thinking clearly about it, we misinterpret reality and therefore act in ineffective and destructive ways. All our attempts to fix problem fail to address the cause, and therefore just make things worse.

What are these viruses? They are old ideas, theories and myths about the Cosmos and ourselves: Greco-Roman philosophical errors, Judeo-Christian delusions, and more modern lies about economics, psychology, politics, etc. The false assumption that gives rise to all other falsehoods is spiritualism—the idea that we are magic spirits somehow placed in bodies. Spiritualism posits two realities—spiritual and physical-Cosmic. Spiritualism is belief in magic. This one false idea prevents us from understanding our true origins and nature, and thereby distorts everything we believe about the Cosmos, ourselves, and our societies. How do we cleanse our minds? How do we identify false ideas and replace them with better ones? We must use our highest cognitive function—philosophy (See below). However, philosophy has been essentially expunged from human society in the last several hundred years as humans have attempted to retain their spiritualistic religions and authoritarian societies. Philosophy is the only enemy of delusions and authoritarianism. In place of philosophy we have Science, which poses as the only path to the truth. Science is accepted by religions and authorities because it is anti-philosophy. Science limits us to counting and measuring things and producing mathematical models. Science is incapable of identifying and eliminating false ideas. It is thus no threat to the status quo. Science is part of the problem, not the solution. Nothing is as we are taught; in fact Science is stupidity, religion is evil, Capitalism is slavery, and schooling is mind-destruction.

We are living in a Matrix of false ideas about what we humans are and how we should live together on this planet. Why can’t we see the truth? It is simple: our cognitive functions have been deactivated. We are cut off from our ability to think philosophically from a young age. Beginning soon after our births, our parents and society began forcing their will upon us—for our own good they thought. Our parents made us stupid by suppressing our ability to perceive and to think from the moment we learned to talk; forcing us to obey their will, pushing their slavishness and mental viruses upon us. They forced delusional religion upon us, training us to believe in bizarre stories that make no sense of the world. They sent us to schools which further suppressed our philosophical capacity and natural love of learning, turning the most precious aspect of life, our love of learning, into dull, mind-numbing obedience to authority. School taught us that we are too lazy and incompetent to learn on our own; so we must be forced to memorize approved facts and ideas for 12 years. Schools taught us that we are stupid, so we must obey authorities and believe the experts. We were coerced throughout our formative years into an unthinking acceptance of the status quo; preventing us from seeing through the lies, preventing us from learning naturally, by our own efforts, about the world around us.

Those of us who chose another 4 years of indoctrination in college were prevented for that much longer from thinking for ourselves. As a result, the intellectual class is the most easily manipulated by the plutocrats who run our governments and corporations, including the media. With the institution of universal public schooling in the early 20th century, every succeeding generation has lost more of our species’ intellectual heritage and competence. Thus the quality of thought and of discourse is steadily deteriorating. Our philosophical intelligence is suppressed so that we can be controlled. The persistence of the Judaic and other religions and of their core ideology, spiritualism, signifies that we are still living in the Middle Ages. This period will be known as the High-Tech Dark Age:

1.     Science is an inadequate, dumbed-down remnant of natural philosophy. Science limits our thinking to counting, measuring and predicting. It attempts to reduce the Cosmos to laws and equations. It diverts us from using our minds to grasp the unseen causes of things, the true meaning of life. Science is intellectually inadequate, preventing us from questioning accepted concepts and beliefs. Not that Science didn’t produce the Copernican, Newtonian, and Darwinian revolutions. These were works of natural philosophy—of reinterpreting the evidence according to a new, better theory of the nature and causes of things. Science is in fact a mental virus, a defense against philosophy produced by the Judeo-Christian mental virus. Science was invented by Bishop Berkeley in 1700 in order to protect Christianity and spiritualism from natural philosophy, from the advance of human understanding. Berkeley s merely descriptive Science became positivism, and was imposed upon theoretical physics by Albert Einstein. Positivistic Science now dominates society and academia, dumbing down everything. Because of Science, we have high technology coexisting with the most appalling ignorance about the Cosmos and ourselves.

2.     Our ideas about the fundamental nature of our Cosmos, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, are just observer-based descriptions; anthropocentric measurement-prediction models. They are not physical theories; they are no different than the Earth-observer-based Ptolemaic astronomy with its deferents and epicycles. They are forms of mathematical mysticism; contradictory nonsense; Stupid Science. With these models we cannot begin to understand the Cosmos; what it is and how it could self-evolve into higher levels of complexity including ourselves. We therefore default to spiritualism; to belief in magic. We stay in the Middle Ages. We settle for the idea that a mind-like God or Magic Laws makes everything happen. Unless one takes the time to figure everything out, one has only the choice of which spiritualistic myth to believe in.

3.     We venerate Judeo-Christianity as a religion of love and peace, when in fact it is the source of our authoritarianism, ignorance, hatred, fear, exploitation, warfare and child abuse. To grasp this fact, one need only read the Old Testament (Torah), the foundational text of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam objectively, as a sentient adult. The tremendous evil of these books cannot be reformed, thus the complete failure of efforts by Jews including Jesus, Paul, Mohammed, Marx and others. Just look at what those infected by this virus have done and are doing to unbelievers, infidels or goyim. This evil viral memeplex and its accompanying stupid Science are preventing any progress towards a sane, enlightened, and peaceful planetary community. The anti-religious revolution of the 1960s and 70s failed—due to lack of an alternative philosophical foundation.

4.     Our view of our own human nature is false and perverse--based upon the Old and New Testament concepts of authoritarianism, innate evil, and spiritualism. As a result, we crush our own children’s developing minds and wills. The religious belief that children are born evil lazy, selfish, stupid, etc causes us to use force, to coerce them into being good. This has the opposite effect—making them lazy, selfish, stupid, etc. Authoritarian childrearing is an example of a self-fulfilling delusion.

5.     We are told that we are free people in a democratic society, when in fact we are mortgage, tax, and corporate slaves in a capitalist plutocracy. We are slaves, we have slave-minds. We dutifully raise our children to be slaves.

6.     Capitalism is not freedom, it is not consensual adult exchange; it is not moral. Capitalism is an authoritarian system of controls; a slave system. With its fractional reserve banking scam, corporations, copyrights, patents, and regulations it favors the few, the clever, and the manipulative. The rest of mankind are slaves that it does not have to pay to house or feed.

7.     Our conventional medicine is not based in natural scientific philosophy. It is instead pharmaceutical, based upon the superficial diagnosis and drug model promoted by the pharmaceutical corporations. The result is that doctors do not understand human physiology or mental function. They do not know how to actually find and fix the causes of most of our disorders.

8.     The United States, once the model for a more enlightened society, is now financially, morally, and intellectually bankrupt. It recently invaded two countries that did not, could not pose a threat, is threatening many more, and is murdering anyone, anywhere it chooses. It has bailed out its rulers, the bankers, and has deteriorated into a police state with unlimited powers to spy on, detain, and kill its own citizens. It has abandoned one of its primary values—free speech. It exists in flagrant violation of the spirit and letter of its own constitution and is therefore an illegitimate, failed state and the greatest danger to world peace. The final collapse of the U.S. was brought on by 9/11. Blamed on Islamic extremists, it was an inside job as proven by the free-fall demolition-collapse of WTC towers 1, 2, and 7. The conspirators included Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and other authors and signers of The Project for a New American Century and Israel’s A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. The War on Terrorism was and is a hoax, designed to secure banker-corporate control of the entire planet. The Islamic fundamentalist violence that does exist has been provoked, encouraged, funded, and manipulated by these deluded fools. Muslim anger at Western governments is a natural response to the Western Christian and Jewish violence perpetrated against the defenseless people of the region for centuries, including this 21rst century.

9.     Our society is becoming increasingly dysfunctional, deformed, and stupid. It is self-destructing and change is coming. Whether that change will bring improvement or disaster is up to us. Our only hope is to recover and to use our philosophical cognitive abilities. We must question all assumptions, beliefs and institutions. We must abandon spiritualism and construct a realistic understanding of the Cosmos, its evolution, and ourselves. We must deconstruct our authoritarian societies, beginning with a ban on all forced “education” of children.


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